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Vycházky po Praze

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Strolling through Prague
The King’s Path

The King’s Path is an interesting journey through the historical part of the town. This walk is based on the journey the future king himself had to go through, in order to get crowned in the majestic cathedral of Saint Guy (Vitus).

It’s one of the most frequently visited paths by the tourists who wish to get to know Prague better.
The King’s Path starts at the Municipal House and goes through Celetná Street, which is well known for the legend accompanying its name and continues into Old Town Square, Charles‘ Street, onto the Charles‘ Bridge and finally finishes in the Lesser Town Square.

Who didn’t experience this journey, almost as if he never visited Prague.

Price – Czech: 600CZK
Price – foreign language: 1050CZK
Maximum amount of people: 10
The price consists of a tour guide and a helping guide. It doesn’t contain the entry fees into several historical buildings that we will pass by.

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